This page has interesting fast facts about Australia Post. And while you might be used to us as part of your everyday life, there's more to us than meets the eye. In fact, there's a lot that might surprise you about us.

  • Australia Post is a Government Business Enterprise and the Commonwealth Government of Australia is our sole shareholder.
  • We are a commercially-run business dedicated to providing accessible, reliable and affordable postal services to all Australians.
  • We are a fully self-funding business and we receive no taxpayer funding.
  • Australia Post is Australia's largest retail network with 4,417 Post Offices (including 2,560 in rural and remote areas). 
  • We deliver 12.6 million letters to 11.3 million addresses across Australia every day.
  • Australia Post and StarTrack have more than 36,000 employees in addition to around 10,000 licensees, franchisees and mail contractors.

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